Did you know that February is national time management month? Are you managing your time effectively? Read below some suggestions on how to improve your time management.

Consider these time management tips

  • Use an electronic calendar, like iCal* or Google calendar to schedule appointments and tasks
  • Use a day planner to schedule goal-related activities as well as appointments. Now you are committed to these activities to achieve your goals
  • Maintain and update your daily task list throughout the day. Prioritize what’ important.
  • File electronic documents by categories into folders and sub-folders
  • Read email only once and then either delete, file/archive or take an action step.Clock
  • Use a timer (there is one available on your smart phone) to keep on task.
  • Put everything you own in its own “home” so it’s quick and easy to retrieve.
  • Spend some time preparing the night before (work outfit, lunch, gym bag) for the following workday.
  • Have your gym bag and workbag packed and ready to go out the door.
  • Plan your errands so you can complete them in a time-efficient manner (planning your route in advance).
  • Record your favorite TV shows and watch them on your timetable.
  • Save time by shopping online. Create an email address just for online purchases so you won’t get a deluge of email promotions in your regular inbox.
  • Write stuff down so you can actually remember it or remember to do it. (take pictures on your smartphone to remember stuff.)
  • Hang dry erase boards in the kitchen to write down needed pantry and grocery items. Hang one near the bathroom to write down needed toiletries and other supplies.
  • Plan meals in advance; prepare grocery lists (put it in your smartphone); and shop using the prepared grocery list.
  • Try to minimize your stress level so you can work more efficiently. Mini meditations?
  • Use your bluetooth headset or earbuds while on the phone so you can fold laundry or (quietly) tidy up the house.
  • Create a chore chart so all family members can contribute to household chores and responsibilities.
  • Listen to audio books while exercising or driving.
  • Learn to say “no” gracefully to requests that do not fit in with your priorities.
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