Are you ready to “break up” with disorganization and procrastination in your life?
Are you ready to bring ritual and rhythm to your daily life?
Would you like help creating the life that you dream of?

I will help bring in order into your home by streamlining and decluttering, and I can also coach you how to have a sense of rhythm and ritual to your daily routines.

Call now for a no-obligation exploratory session to get clarity on your goals and find solutions to the life that you want. And to see if we are a good fit.
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• We work with busy professionals who wants:

their time back;
be able to achieve their goals;
have their health routine systematized;
their papers sorted, purged and filed;
their money and finances organized;
their closets organized;
their daily life organized.


• Are you a divorced man who trying to organize his new life and space?
Would you like help setting up your new home? Would you like help getting into your new routine?

• Are you a coach or holistic healer who wants help setting up your business so you can grow your business and get more clients?
Have questions about setting up the logistics of your new business? Learn more here.

If you would like to be able to answer yes to any of these questions,
Then You Need the support of  The Organizing Diva!

Now is the time to seek the guidance and compassionate support of professional organizing coach/consultant, The Organizing Diva.

We provide you with the know-how, tools and strategies and most importantly–the mindset–to help create an organized and beautiful life.

Our services can and will transform lives!

Learn more about our services and solutions.

We provide compassionate coaching and support to help you overcome emotional blockages that may prevent you from having the life you dream of.

Sometimes people are embarrassed by their clutter and disorganization. We do not judge you–we are there to help you and support you. We have a strict confidentiality policy with all our clients.

Call us today for a free consultation at 617-513-5219 or email us on how to have a streamlined, gorgeous, organized life.
Our solutions provide you with:
achievement of goals

more energy
a beautiful space

peace of mind.

You deserve to feel balanced, peaceful and on track.

“Maureen was kind, non-judgmental, and an absolute work horse!  We got so much done!…she dove right in and worked cheerfully and tirelessly until the task was accomplished.  She then hauled things off to Goodwill for me, and sent me the receipt for my taxes.  I really can’t think of enough good things to say about her work ethic — and about the results! ”
Karen K., Boston, MA

“Thank you so much for everything!! You did an “AMAZING” job [helping to move our daughter from Boston to LA]. Maureen, you made this so easy for us and we sincerely thank you! You were compassionate, kind and soooo good at what you do.
Cyd W., Plantation, FL
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Let us help you create your home as a SANCTUARY and help you achieve your goals.

Do you want to discuss your situation with a pro and have your questions and concerns answered?
Call me for a 15 minute session about your organizing needs at 617-513-5219. Always here to help.