Maureen Nuccitelli has come a long way in the world of organizing and consulting. In fact, in her youth she was pretty disorganized. What changed? What happened? Well for one thing, it’s a “pain in the arse” being disorganized.  Being disorganized sucks up way too much time, effort and money. Sound familiar? She’d had enough. So she made a concerted effort to learn all there was to know about organizing, de-cluttering, efficiency and productivity.

This was her new life’s mission. And guess what? She started to learn new habits, new ways and new tools—all in the pursuit of knowing everything about organizing. Then as the years went by she started to help others with their organizing challenges. She taught them how to be more organized. Woa! You mean you can learn how to be organized? You bet your life, Sista and Brotha!

Maureen helped clients, friends and family; she taught classes; wrote newsletters and articles; and was quoted on blogs and websites.  She lived and breathed all things related to organizing. It became her  passion. Then one day, a friend referred to her as “The Organizing Diva”. Given her sassy attitude about life, Maureen accepted the title with relish and a wink.  “Let’s have some fun” she thought.

But wait a minute, could learning to be organized be fun and and not so stressful—well at least some of the time? Of course it can! How about a little humor when life gets crazy? How about the fact that we’re all in this together and we’re here to support each other? How about while we’re laughing, we roll up our sleeves and learn how to do things differently?


FIALogoAs of July 2016, Maureen has become a certified Life Coach from The Fowler International Academy of Life Coaching. She can now help you work on your goals and dreams.

Well if she can learn organizing skills then so can you. And she’ll teach you everything that she has learned over all these years with a joke or two thrown in just to make you smile. The Organizing Diva-your professional organizer and life coach-is ready to be at your service.