for Home Maintenance and Winter Preparation

Most of you who have worked with me have heard me say: “it’s a privilege to live in your home AND a responsibility. Ah the responsibility part–home maintenance. November is a good month to do some maintenance and winter prep. I can always help with the organizing piece….

·     Check your roof for damage and leaks and your eaves for leaves and debris or have a professional company do it.

·     Clear gutters and drainpipes and make sure they drain water away from the house.

·     Clean drain basins of debris.

·     Trim bushes and trees back at least 1’ from your house.

·     Replace filters in your heating system or HVAC company do it.

·     Schedule a cleaning for your chimney.

·     Set your ceiling fans to run clockwise.

·     Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Test them.

·     Replace door weather seals as needed. Repair locks so doors seal tightly.

·     Consider caulking with clear silicone around windows. If you have storm windows, lower them.

·     Cut down the garden, except for shrubs.

·     Plant spring-blooming bulbs.

·     Plant deciduous trees and shrubs through November but wait until spring to plant evergreens.

·     Clean and store garden furniture, stakes, and container pots. Clean with a solution of chlorine-free bleach, Spic and Span or Dirtex.

·     Cover patio furniture in tarps, plastic sheeting or customized covers.

·     Shut off outside water, disconnect hoses, and have your irrigation system serviced for winter.

·     Clean and fill bird feeders. Stock up on bird seed.

·     Buy an outdoor water-heating unit to keep your birdbath from freezing.

·     Organize and declutter your home in preparation for the holidays. I can help with this one.