Client Testimonials

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“Before I moved [and sold my home], I spent approximately a year downsizing and getting rid of things with your and my kids’ help.   … you and my daughter helped me organize and shred all my old paperwork, and I got all my financial affairs in order.I am now a happy renter with few responsibilities and much less stuff!  I want to thank you for all your assistance over the years. You helped me immeasurably, and put me on the path of less clutter and better organization. Thank you! ”
Karen K., Executive Assistant, Somerville, MA

“It is hard to know where to begin describing this talented, motivated, and inventive woman—known to her clients as “The Organizing Diva.” In our family we simply shortened her title to the, “OD.” She came into our life during a big move, when we were combining two chaotic households into one standard, city condo. I worked with her in 3 hour time blocks for two weeks until our house started to feel a like home. I now find myself enjoying my space for the first time in years–not to mention all the time we are saving because now we can actually find everything we need with such ease. I hope to maintain my house now independently but, I will certainly use the Diva for other projects, moves, or parties (which is another one of her hidden talents). Areas I feel the Diva particularly excels in: 1. Expertise in what to purge, how to purge (in other words best ways to recycle, donate, or sell you unwanted items), and just as important what to repurpose! 2. Making your space fit your lifestyle–she gets to know you, your routines, habits, and problem areas and builds the organizing system around YOUR needs. 3. Authority on ALL storage resources, specialized containers/systems, and best practice for keeping items in top condition (the “OD” recommended multiple products that have streamlined, preserved, & organized our most cluttered spaces). 4. The “OD” is personable, easy to be with, and sensitive to emotional or personal situations–she tries to help you “keep the memories but let go of all the crap” that is my quote but it was inspired by the “OD’s” wisdom. 5. Everyday the “OD” came prepared with the necessary tools, equipment, and example products for the jobs we were tackling that day. I never would have guessed that we would have needed random items on hand like: WD-40, stud finder, jumbo zip lock bags (that I didn’t know existed), and lots of containers to corral like items together (so simple but works really well). She was always prepared with a plan A and a plan B, C, D and so on). 6. The “OD” knows how to host & throw a rockin’ party too! She was able to advise/suggest what entertaining pieces should be kept, what to give away/repurpose, and how/where to store in your home. The “OD” also made fabulous cocktail & meal suggestions! Total unexpected **BONUS** If you are struggling with organization contact the “OD” immediately. Be open and try her suggestions. Trust me, they work. And let’s be honest, your system isn’t working or your wouldn’t be looking for help here. Good luck in life and Diva corralling!!”
J.K., Nurse, Cambridge, MA

My husband was so impressed with the state of organization he didn’t even mind that I paid someone to help!! You are my new hero! Kristen K, artist, Marlborough, MA

“Maureen is absolutely AMAZING!  She gets things done so quickly! Most recently, The Organizing Diva helped me sort through three years’ worth of papers and tax documents.  Everything got sorted, labeled and organized in record time.  Previously, Maureen helped me sort through old boxes in my basement that I hadn’t opened for 10 years.  Some of them were in really awful condition, but she dove right in and worked cheerfully and tirelessly until the task was accomplished.  She then hauled things off to Goodwill for me, and sent me the receipt for my taxes. Maureen was kind, non-judgmental, and an absolute work horse! I really can’t think of enough good things to say about her work ethic — and about the results!”
Karen K., Executive Assistant, Boston, MA

“It’s so wonderful having you in my life this year. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful, noble, impeccable generous spirit and support.”
 Laura M, Education Consultant and Grant Writer, Newton, MA

Hiring Maureen Nuccitelli, the Organizing Diva, was one of the best things I did for my business this year.  Maureen has helped me in two key areas.  One is physically organizing my work space.  The other is organizing the administrative flow for my business.  Besides helping me organize, Maureen has become an indispensable part of my ongoing business success.  
Rob G., Executive Coach, Newton, MA

“Maureen had practical, reasonable  and concrete suggestions throughout the house to help organize the flow of my new  and downsized home. Maureen  is very hands-on. She climbed a stepladder, hung pictures and helped move furniture. She reviewed everything we did before leaving and left me with ideas and suggestions to do independently. Maureen will take away unwanted/not-needed items for donation.  Even my husband had a positive reaction to the suggestions. I feel she went above and beyond.  She was a great help to me.”
Maryann M., Educator, Boston, MA

“I was totally overwhelmed with the mess in my closet and Maureen helped me organize all of my clothes…she was kind but firm and helped me make realistic decisions…Maureen provided tips and suggestions of tools to help me organize my closet…She made me feel comfortable as she asked me questions about my lifestyle—to better understand how to organize my closet to make getting dressed easier each day.”
Tess L., designer, Watertown, MA

“Maureen organized and filed away hundreds, maybe thousands, of my papers (I am a serial entrepreneur with a family) in an easy-to-understand system and created a simple spreadsheet for easy access. She then cleaned and organized my basement. My favorite part: she organized all my tools in a newly-created workbench space. Now I can find everything. She did an excellent job.
Mike F., Business Owner, Newton, MA

“Maureen makes sure you tackle every piece of paper, article of clothing, knick knack, etc. and will make sure if you’ve decided that it needs to stay, and if there is a place for it when you are done.  She’s non-judgmental (don’t we all have our baggage), but she also helps you get a grip on reality (“are you really going to wear those jeans from high school?”). Great person to work with, no job is too small or too large for her.”
Jodie S., Realtor and Lawyer, Salem, MA

“As the President of a global Lifescience Due Diligence company located in the Research Triangle, NC and Los Angeles, CA, I needed someone on the ground assistance in Boston for a Clinical Trial Planning meeting with top tier clinicians from around the globe.  Though we had never met, she was attentive to details, resourceful when technical glitches surfaced and had superior follow through.  With so much as stake for the meeting, it was good to know that Maureen was available to help.  I will use her services in the future when we have activities in Boston.”
Nancy P., President of a global Lifescience company, Raleigh, NC

“Maureen was wonderful assisting me in organizing and de-cluttering. She was easy and fun to work with and helpful on multiple levels: cleaning, clearing, organizing and making recommendations on needed products. She offered suggestions around personal matters, such as adding a second person on my bank accounts. She was immensely helpful in categorizing my personal and professional files. She took what I wanted to accomplish and went beyond. I could not have done this without her.”
HWM, Herbalist, Somerville, MA

“Maureen was instrumental in guiding me with marketing concepts (email marketing, copy editing my newsletter, affiliate marketing) for my business. Her skills in organization and implementation successfully promoted my business. Maureen was a huge help in showing me best techniques for using social media.”
Bonnie H., Business Owner, Lexington, MA

“Thank you so much for every thing !! You did an “AMAZING” job [helping to move our daughter from Boston to LA]. Maureen, you made this so easy for us and we sincerely thank you!
You were compassionate, kind and soooo good at what you do.
Please feel free to give anyone my phone number so I may give you a glowing reference!!!!!!”

Cyd W., Plantation, FL

“Maureen has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She is professional and most of all caring and great fun to work with. She keeps us focused and relieved my burden of getting my house packed and organized for moving. I asked for help and the “Mary Poppins” of organization arrived! Thank you Maureen.”
Sue B., Professional Musician, Lexington, MA

“We never thought we would ever need or use a [residential] organizer, but almost 3 years after the death of our daughter from brain cancer, we were faced with the daunting task of sorting through her room (s) and realized we couldn’t do this alone. We hired Maureen Nuccitelli to help us with this project, and it was the best decision we could have ever made. Perhaps the best testimony we can give to Maureen is that this was the first year in many years, where we have felt no stress [at the holidays]. We could actually find everything we need to host the dinner. What an amazing concept!
Maureen C., Registered Nurse, Cambridge, MA

“Thanks Maureen. Your suggestions were so helpful. Thanks for taking the time [to forward the requested information].”
Debbie G., Watertown, MA

“Maureen has been a pivotal support in my seasonal home decorating. As a busy executive, my abilities to decorate my home have become so difficult that although my imagination is there, there is no time to follow-through. She bought the boughs and arranged my window boxes more beautifully than I would have even if I were a woman of leisure. They tied together so nicely with the arrangement she made of holiday greens on my mantle, I wished she could preserve them forever. She’s now got the job annually, and any other cries for help that arise!!”
Laurie H., Biopharmaceutical Management Consultant, Brighton, MA