I wrote last month on what we can learn from Millennials. This month I’m pointing out what we can learn from older people.

Do you ever watch people as they’re learning and gathering information?  I work with all sorts of clients and like to see how people organize their information. Generally, you can see some patterns that are particular to a certain age group. I noticed that older people have a tendency to have fewer distractions and seem to be more apt to follow through. Younger people might benefit from some of these behaviors.


Older people have a tendency to focus on the task at hand with fewer distractions.b26cf06d-d048-423b-9325-66a79a282e76

Sometimes when younger people have some task they need to focus on, they will have music and YouTube videos playing AND be answering texts from friends. And maybe also the TV on in the background. Perhaps they could complete their tasks more quickly and optimally if they had fewer distractions. .


Older people tend to look at history and see how they can benefit from it.

They look back to see and understand successes and failures—whether in their own life on in society in general. What worked? Would it work today? What didn’t? Are they open to seeing things from a new lens? Sometimes they reach out for help with 0941670c-2e9a-4717-a04f-d847a96b0c24clarifying the direction of their life by hiring career or life coaches, personal trainers, or other professionals.


Older people see the value of discipline and regard hard work as a necessary step for success.

Most of us grew up understanding that having success in work, relationships, health or finances require some level of dedicated hard work. This principle still applies today—it’s that simple. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and get to work and follow through. Just sayin’.

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