Here are some tips to help you with time management

See some Time management Tips on this video or read below


  • Use an electronic calendar, like iCal* or Google calendar to schedule appointments and tasks
  • Set an ALERT on your events to remind you.
  • Use a day planner to schedule goal-related activities as well as appointments–now you are committed to these activities to achieve your goals
  • Maintain and update your daily task list throughout the day
  • Read email only once and then either delete, file/archive or take an action step
  • Use a timer (there is probably one available on your smart phone) to keep on task
  • Put everything you own in its own “home” so it’s quick and easy to retrieve
  • Prepare the night before (work outfit, lunch, gym bag) for the following work day
  • Have your gym bag packed and ready to go out the door
  • Plan your errands so you can complete them in a time-efficient manner (planning your route in advance)
  • Record your favorite TV shows and watch them on your timetable
  • Save time by shopping online, but create an email address just for online purchases so you won’t get a deluge of email promotions in your regular inbox
  • Write stuff down so you’ll actually remember it
  • Hang dry erase boards in the kitchen to write down needed pantry and grocery items and near the bathroom to write down needed supplies
  • Plan meals in advance; prepare grocery lists; and shop using the prepared grocery list
  • Try to minimize your stress level so you can work more efficiently
  • Use your Bluetooth or headset while on the phone so you can fold laundry or tidy up the house
  • Create a chore chart so all family members can contribute to household chores and responsibilities
  • Listen to audio books while exercising or driving
  • Learn to say “no” gracefully to requests that do not fit in with your priorities
  • Try using apps like Evernote to manage your to do lists
* If you would like help learning how to use iCal or Google Calendar please contact me and I can train you–even over the phone.
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