Organizing and Consulting Services

We provide clients with the know-how, systems and tools to help create an organized and beautiful space throughout their home.

How we work: The 5 Step Organizing Program

  1. First, we will determine the client’s needs by listening to them and answering questions with a free phone intake session (617-513-5219). We clarify the client’s goals, vision and direction.
  2. We then help the client create and strategize their actions steps to achieve these goals. We can also jump right in with the action steps and work side-by-side to accomplish the tasks.
  3. We provide coaching to find out where the client’s roadblocks are and help them become aware and overcome them. We consult and help upgrade the client’s skills so that they will achieve and maintain their goals.
  4. We help the client optimize their environment, by suggesting tools and systems to achieve their organizing goals. We also help with organizational design of the client’s space. We pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions that are more than just neat and tidy, but also aesthetically beautiful.
  5. We help the client master their psychology by helping them with their limiting beliefs and emotional blockages.

We offer hands-on 3-hour organizing sessions for hourly rate. This service includes donation drop-off at no extra charge.

We offer concierge service where we are on call to come into your home several times a month to make it clutter-free, streamlined and work on your organizing goals .  If you enroll in the service, we are available for private calls and return all emails to answer your questions. We provide life coaching that guarantees that you will achieve your organizing goals.

We can help with maintenance of your newly organized and transformed life.

Individual pay-as-you-go sessions are also available. Just give us a call at 617-513-5219.

Residential Organizing

In your home, we can help organize and beautify kitchens,
bedrooms, playrooms, closets, garages, storage rooms,
laundry rooms, family rooms, basements and attics.

Furthermore, we specialize in the following:

       Closet Makeover

  • sorting/pruning clothing, donation, organizing linens, creating storage
  • You will have a closet of clothes that you truly love and that you can find easily












    Kitchen Organizing

  • organizing cabinets, setting up efficient pantries and counter tops
  • Clear physical space allows you ease of daily meal preparation.










    Space Design

  • furniture arrangement for flow and beauty
  • Your living space can make you feel relaxed, energized and/or focused.









Setting Up a New Living Space–Especially for Divorced Men Starting Over!

  • get help with setting up a new home or apartment
  • can fit any budget
  • feel comfortable in your new home
































    Moving/Downsizing/Staging for a Quicker Sale of  Your Home

  • we kick butt on organizing this whole process so you don’t have to
  • purging, packing, heirloom storage
  • staging home for quicker sale
  • unpacking, furniture arrangement after the move




  • You will have less stress during your move.

Concierge Services

  • running errands
  • ordering online
  • shopping
  • just about anything that you do not want to do or have time to do



Business Organizing

        Home Office Organizing

  • systems set-up, furniture arrangement, file management
  • An organized work space allows you the freedom to be creative and focused.



Financial Organizing

  • organizing finances, bills and creating budgets
    •  You will get a clear picture of where your money is coming and going and be able to save for the future.



  •     Small Business Coaching








Streamlining small business owners’ work environments.

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Light Book keeping
  • Paper management

  Time Management

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.07.57 PM



providing the know-how to manage your time successfully






Do you believe that you have mental/emotional blockages that prevent you from addressing your clutter?
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