Bonnie H. writes: any ideas on how to keep track of all of my on-line accounts? I keep forgetting my log in info and my passwords!

That’s an excellent question, Bonnie. My first query!

Technology is great and it allows us to order those sexy slingbacks that we’ve been ogling since forever at 1am if we so desire. But sometimes it’s hard to remember (especially at that hour) our user names and passwords to our various accounts online (Hellooo, Zappos, my cherie amour).

There are 2 solutions to organizing all our online accounts information:

1. Purchase a small address book. I like the really small ones that your uncle referred to as his “little black book” back in his single days. Enter in all your account info in alphabetical order. For example: put your Zappos account info under “Z” and then add your user name and password. For very sensitive information like your bank account, use a short hand or “code” for your entry instead of writing “Bank of America”. Keep this small address book in a safe place. Consider locking it in a drawer.

2. Create a spreadsheet in Google Docs ( which you can access online. Ok, so you do need to remember one password to access this account. Enter in all your accounts with their user names and passwords.

Consider labeling sensitive accounts in short hand or code that only you would understand. For example, instead of typing in “Bank of America” type in the street address of the branch you go to. Try to keep information safe but easily accessible. Hope that these solutions help Bonnie.

Hey, I gotta roll; I hear some strappy sandals calling my name.

The Organizing Diva

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