June 2015

There is a general consensus among professional organizers, like myself, that there are some crucial organizer tools, which every household should have. That list goes something like this:

  • paper shredder
  • organizing bins
  • high speed scanner
  • calendar
  • label maker
  • zip-lock bags
  • organizing apps like Evernote, PaperKarma, etc


But how about the under-appreciated and often overlooked other tools that could also help with keeping people more organized? I’m sure that this list could be debated amongst my colleagues, but here is what I suggest as some other helpful organizing tools. scissors


  1. A pair scissors in almost every room-trust me, they will always come in handy. Consider putting a pair in your glove box of your car.
  2. Wastepaper basket in every room-yes, even the basement and the Mrs. Myers Spray mudroom. They just prevent clutter from building up.
  3. (Non-toxic) Countertop spray and paper towels in both the kitchen and  the bathroom. I recommend a brand like Mrs. Myers because it is nontoxic and smells wonderful. Spraying surfaces down after clearing away clutter is just the next natural step. And it might just make you want to clutter that surface less. (Here are some more recommended nontoxic cleaners.)
  4. Dry erase board (or something like it) to keep track of household items that are crucial and need to be replenished on an ongoing basis. Use one in the pantry for grocery and kitchen items and one near the bathroom for toiletries and paper products.
  5. Bins to corral everything. Things just stay neater being corralled, from mail bin toiletries, to laundry products, to pens, to gloves, to art supplies. These “corralling” bins can be anything, including items from around the home that are re-purposed–consider using your Grandmother’s hat box to hold lingerie or a vintage tin bowl to hold your keys or your mail. You can also pick up some at the dollar store for under the sink or on a shelf.