Little Tools that I Love

  September 2015

Over the years I have discovered and used some inexpensive little tools that have made my life easier and of course, more organized. I would like to share these tools with you and why I love them.

Battery Checker   
I never have to guess if my batteries are good or not with this little analog device. I have had it for over 20 years and I would miss it if it ever breaks.
Grocery Bag Saver
Years ago, a co-worker picked up this little bag organizer for me at The Christmas Tree Shop because she thought I might like it. I did and I still do. You could get something fancier, but why?
Bottle “Marrying” Tool
Another friend gave me this in my stocking a while back. It’s used for pouring liquid from one bottle to another, without creating a mess. (“Marrying” is an old bar term meaning to add liquid to another bottle’s liquid.) Fantastic little device.

Snap Clip Key Chain 
I got this over 10 years ago from an ex. (One of the only good things I got out of that relationship ; ) I use it to clip my keys to the o-ring on my purse strap or right onto my belt loop when I don’t have my purse. Love it!

Box Cutter 

I have a few of these hanging around the house and in my organizing kit. Keep one near the trash/recycling area to make cardboard box breakdown a snap. These can be picked up at Home Depot for less than $2.
Mighty Pegs

These little magnets are deceptive. They are very small; yet very strong. I have a set on my magnetic dry erase board. Nothing ever falls off the board. You can find them at The Container Store.

Letter Opener

I open my mail in a snap with a good old-fashioned letter opener. And I don’t get paper cuts. You can get a fancy one, or this one from Staples for a few bucks.