March 2016
We all have super busy lives and never seem to be able to get it all done. Sometimes this is due to being overcommitted and not learning to say no. But sometimes if we can be prepared in advance in a timely and easy way, we can do the various activities that we really want to do (um, like actually going to the gym.)
One of the strategies that I suggest for people who want to get their goals accomplished is to have the specific equipment/tools ready to go and on hand. And this might require having some duplicates of some of your possessions in your home or at work. What?? Having duplicates? Isn’t that the antithesis of most professional organizers’ philosophies?
Hey, I’m all about making things easy with minimal effort. Having some handy duplicate items in the home and at work will ensure that we busy humans will do the “to-dos” that we aspire to.
Here are some examples of “duplicates” that could make your life easier:
  • Specifically designated bags/totes/carryalls for various activities like, gym bag, workbag, shopping bag, kids’color-fabric.jpgactivities bag, beach bag, toiletries bag, etc. In this way, all the items associated with that particular activity will be ready, corralled and easy to grab on the go. This is a biggie.
  • A pair of scissors in every major room in your home and possibly in your car. Saves you steps for looking for a pair when you just need to snip something.
  • A jacket or cardigan that you leave specifically at work for when it’s chilly or a big client shows up.
  • Pen/pencil and notepad in several central locations in the home. We always need to jot something down. wire-bound-pad.jpg
  • Dry erase boards to record needed items in the kitchen pantry, near the bathroom and other places where supplies are kept. Keep track of needed items for shopping later.
  • Cutting board for meat/poultry, cutting board for veggies/fruit and one for fish. This will prevent cross-contamination.
  • Reading glasses in every major room in the home. So you can see.
  • Small trashcans in every major room in the home. Throw it out now.
  • A bottle of non-toxic all-purpose cleaner (and a roll of paper towels) in the bathroom, kids’ room, in addition to having
    one in the kitchen. Clean up a spill or something gross in under 30 seconds.