September 2016

Now that Labor Day has passed, most of us are getting back into full work mode.

I was ruminating recently on how different groups of people learn and gather information. So I came up with the post/article below focusing on younger people. Next time, I will focus on what we can learn from older people.


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Article: 3 Things that We can Learn from Millennials


Do you ever watch people as their learning and gathering information? I work with all sorts of clients and like to see how people organize their information. Generally, you can see some patterns that are particular to a certain age group. I noticed that younger people have a tendency to have much less paper as part of their belongings. And they seem to access information more quickly. Older people might benefit from some of these behaviors.

Younger people take pictures of everything.iphone

And not just of them hanging out with their friends. They snap photos of anything that they want to remember, such as:

  • items for their “wish list” (those coveted cute shoes on their co-worker)
  • wine labels (they’ll actually purchase that newly discovered wine next time at the liquor store
  • floor plans
  • key notes from a seminar
  • receipts
  • label from clothing or just about anything
  • Just about any noteworthy bit of information that older people would jot down on a note or save as article to read later

Google Search Box

When younger people don’t know something, they “google” it to find the answer in seconds.

It’s just that easy. Type in whatever is puzzling you. Of course, it might take a bit of time to find the appropriate answer in the list that comes up but usually it’s there. Just keep scrolling.



When younger people need to learn something new or change a habit, they download an app for it.app_store logo

There is just a bout an app for everything. Not sure if there is? Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and type the tag word in the search box. Usually several apps will show up. Not sure which one to choose? Ask a millennial—they probably know the best apps to use to manage information and learn new stuff.Google-Play-button