As much as we approach the upcoming holidays with anticipation, a lot of us still get stressed out with our lengthy to-do lists and social obligations. Try to remind and reassure yourself that this crazy holiday season is really about connecting with others and remembering good times and creating new memories.
Consider hiring a professional organizer and/or a party planner (like myself) to help create a more peaceful and joyous holiday season.



Give Yourself a Gift of Less Stress and More Time
this Holiday Season

December 2017

We offer you personal organizing services and party planning to help you make the most of your holiday season with less stress. Consider getting help with your holiday tasks and parties, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.


You can call for a free phone consultation at 617-513-5219 for all your party and organizing needs.


I also offer gift certificates if you know someone who could use my services to help them have less stress and a more organized life. Or give the gift to yourself.

Please read the list below and see if you could use some help this holiday season.



We can help create guest-ready homes by:

  • clearing clutter throughout the house
  • organizing most-used rooms
  • arranging furniture so it’s convenient for socializing
  • getting the kitchen organized and stocked for holiday cooking/baking
  • preparing guest rooms
  • clearing space in entryway closet for guests’ coats

Planning Parties

We can assist with your holiday party by:christmas_party.jpg

  • creating and sending invitations (digital or traditional)
  • helping with setting up your bar
    • wines, spirits-which kind and how much
    • specialty cocktails-ask me bout my Pomegranate and Cranberry Punch
    • glassware-purchase or rent?
    • amount of ice needed-who to call to have it delivered
  • planning your party menu
    • appetizers suggestions-I have some winners
    • recipe suggestions to create knock-out dinners
    • recommended vendors for take-out and delivery
    • recommended service providers

Gift Giving

We can help with holiday gift-giving tasks by:  green-wrapped-present.jpg

  • preparing a gift log listing names, gift ideas, budget per person/family  (You can download the FREE gift log sheet)
  • or use this app,  Santa’s Bag to have a gift list on your smartphone
  • researching gift ideas or shopping for them
  • wrapping gifts, shipping gifts
  • creating a gift storage area or gift wrapping area
  • offering The Organizing Diva professional organizing gift certificates for friends and family as a great holiday gift option!


We can assist with holiday decorating:

  • putting up lights and decorations  Holiday Mantel
  • decorating the inside of your home with beautiful greens, berries or other decorations


Post Holidays

We can help put away holiday decorations in January:

  • assisting with organizing decoration collections 
  • boxing up decorations, labeling boxes for easy retrieval; placing in storage area