I’ve been dedicating some time over the last few weeks to changing out my seasonal wardrobe now that the weather is getting chillier. I have offered a few tips and tools below to make your own wardrobe changeover a bit more successful. I have found this task pretty time-consuming and requiring really good organizing skills. May I recommend that you hire a professional organizer for this task?

BTW, I’m available : )

It’s that time of year to put away summer clothes, sandals and bathing suits and pull out sweaters, boots and corduroys. Here are 5 tools that help make the wardrobe changeover a little easier and a lot more organized.


Slim Velveteen Hangers

Many different companies manufacture these hangers and you can usually  find them at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx at a discounted price. These hangers take up a lot less room and prevent clothes from falling off. Consider getting different colors for categories of clothes, e.g. black for pants, gray for blouses, light green for jackets, etc.



Spare Closet, Wardrobe or Storage Bins

Put off-season clothes somewhere else so they are not distracting while trying to get dressed in the morning. For those lucky individuals, a spare closet is ideal. If you do not have that option, put off-season clothes in a canvas wardrobe in a spare room or put the clothes in plastic bins stored under the bed. It’s best to label the bins.



Laundry Helpers: Lingerie Bag, Linen Drying Rack, Dryell,dryerballsDryer Balls 

Please remember to clean all clothes before putting them away. Yes, this is some work and/or could be expensive. Many delicate items can be washed using a lingerie bag then hung dry on a drying rack or dry cleaned in your dryer using a product like Dryel to save on professional dry cleaning costs. The bumpy dryer balls are fantastic for quickly releasing wrinkles in sweaters and shirts as they come out of storage. Place a few items in the dryer with the dryer balls and a damp towel and dry on medium heat for 10 minutes; remove at once. Voila.


Moth Away Herbal Moth Repellent 

For years, people used those awful, toxic mothballs to repel moths. Others tried the hanging cedar sachets that seemed to fade all too quickly. Today there is a non-toxic, delightfully smelling herbal moth repellant that contains mint, thyme and rosemary.


A donation bag/box all set up and ready to godonationbox

As you put away clothes and take out seasonal items, ask yourself if these if everything is a “keeper”. Be brutal. If the piece of clothing doesn’t look fantastic on you or feel comfortable, give it away. Only have the greatest hits in your closet for the current season.