Planning Parties
We can assist with your holiday party by:
  • creating and sending invitations (digital or traditional)
  • helping with setting up your bar
  • wines, spirits-which kind and how much
  • specialty cocktails-ask me bout my Pomegranate and Cranberry Punch
  • glassware-purchase or rent?
  • amount of ice needed-who to call to have it delivered
  • planning your party menu
  • appetizers suggestions-I have some winners
  • recipe suggestions to create knock-out dinners
  • recommended vendors for take-out and delivery
  • recommended service providers
Gift Giving
We can help with holiday gift-giving tasks by:
  • preparing a gift log listing names, gift ideas, budget per person/family  (You can download the FREE gift log sheet)
  • or use this app, Santa’s Bag to have a gift list on your smartphone
  • researching gift ideas or shopping for them
  • wrapping gifts, shipping gifts
  • creating a gift storage area or gift wrapping area
  • offering The Organizing Diva professional organizing gift certificates for friends and family as a great holiday gift option!
We can assist with holiday decorating:
  • putting up lights and decorations
  • decorating the inside of your home with beautiful greens, berries or other decorations
Post Holidays
We can help put away holiday decorations in January:
  • assisting with organizing decoration collections
  • boxing up decorations, labeling boxes for easy retrieval; placing in storage area