Over the years, while working with many different types of people I have noticed some behaviors and traits among the disorganized. I surely don’t want to sound judgmental, but merely want to illuminate some issues around people struggling with disorganization. We don’t want to beat ourselves up over our challenging behaviors; but create self-awareness, and ultimately learn new behaviors.

Here are some of those behaviors:

  • Not letting light (and fresh air) into rooms/Keeping rooms dark and unilluminated
  • Buying way too much stuff—cleaning products, personal care products, food, paper products—so things become stockpiled without the required storage space.
  • Not immediately throwing out unwanted solicitations/circulars/advertisements in the mail
  • Leaving piles everywhere (most people don’t know what each pile is or its date)
  • Saving all the “to-dos” for later instead of doing some right now

Do you share some of these behaviors and/or traits? Would you like help overcoming them? Would you like to get organized and have a clutter free home? It’s all possible. Maybe you just need support and guidance to help you become more organized.

Please contact me for a free intake session to see if we are a good fit. I would love to help you have a clutter-free home and an organized life.