I generally work with busy professionals. They really value their time and want optimal results from services. The reason why they hire me is because that they want to optimize their time when they are working on their organizing projects and they want fantastic results. This is what I promise to all my clients. This is like when people hire personal trainers when they want to optimize their time getting fit and want to change their bodies. In both cases, clients feel it is money well spent to optimize their time AND get amazing RESULTS.

Would you like to optimize your time? If you been putting off some organizing projects, because now that summer is here, you want to go out and play, travel or socialize, I totally get that. But what if you had professional help that would streamline and optimize the process and get your great results: feeling less cluttered, being able to find your stuff easily, having an aesthetically pleasing environment? I/we generally work in 3-hour sessions, but we get a lot done!

Here is what I or my team and I can help you with:
·     Declutter and organize your kitchen so meal preparation is easy
·     Declutter and streamline your clothes closet so dressing is easy
·     Declutter and organize your basement so you can find everything easily
·     Declutter and organize your garage so maybe you can fit your car in
·     Unpack and put everything in an optimal way after a move
·     Downsize and declutter before a move
·     Declutter and organize your papers and files
·     Declutter and downsize your books or other person items to free up your space

If any of these projects appeals to you call me (617-513-5219) for an exploratory session to see if we would be a good fit. Or you can reply to this email as well.
Meanwhile, go enjoy this summertime!