January is a very popular time to make New Year’s resolutions and goals. And as a Life/Wellness Coach, I applaud these good intentions. However, I find when speaking with many different people, they have given up on their goals after a few weeks because they just don’t see results. And I feel badly about this. But there are some good reasons why people don’t achieve their goals. And here is the breakdown of the 3 mistakes people make when trying to attain their goals:






1.   People don’t set clear goals with measurable results.

To demonstrate my points, I’ll use the widely popular goal of losing weight as an example.

So many people say: “I want to lose weight”. Well that seems a bit ambiguous. How much? Setting a reasonable, measurable goal is setting one up for greater success. And it will be easier to do concrete measurable check-ins.

For example, better to say something like “I would like to lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day”. It’s a concrete number with a definite deadline. Then there can be incremental check-ins to see how one is doing.


2.   People don’t write down all the action steps necessary to accomplish the goal.

OK, so if you are not clear on the concept of “action steps”, I will continue to use the weight loss example to demonstrate this one.

So the action steps for the goal of weight loss might be:

·     Clear out junk food

·     Gather up some healthy recipes and menus

·     Shop for healthy food

·     Buy Instant Pot, VitaMix and/or other cookware to make meals

·     *Eliminate trigger foods that cause GI disturbances (these foods cause inflammation which leads to weight retention)

·     Sign up for gym membership

·     Buy new workout clothes and shoes

·     Get a walking/workout buddy

·     Download app to measure your daily steps

·     Drink more water/buy nice water bottle


3.   People forget to schedule the action steps of their goal.

Ok, this seems like a rather unimportant part of the formula but it’s actually huge. If one doesn’t schedule the action steps then the “goal” is just going to hang out in the atmosphere with no real grounding. I coach people to open up their calendars/day planners/electronic calendars/Outlook/Evernote—whatever system they use—and schedule each and every action step. That way you are more likely to commit to the action steps, therefore get closer to achieving your goal.


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*If you’re not familiar with this negative body function, you may want to consider working with health coach, like myself.

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