Before and After Organizing

Some of our “Before” and “After” pictures of past projects

Jodie’s Office, Before (Left)

Jodie’s Office, After (Right)



Jodie's Kitchen

Jane’s Kitchen, Before (Left)

Jane’s Kitchen, After (Right)

Jane's Kitchen After


Meiera's Nursery, Before

Meiera’s Nursery, Before (Left)

Meiera’s Nursery, After (Right)

Meiera's Nursery, After


Anne's Office, Before

Anne’s Office, Before (Left)

Anne’s Office, After (Right)

Anne's Office, After


Mike's Basement, Before

Mike’s Basement Before (Left)

Mike’s Basement After (Right)

Mike's Basement, After































Mike's Basement, Before

Mike’s Basement, Before










Mike's Basement, After

Mike’s Basement, Aft