Sharing and Donating–Spreading the “Wealth”
September 2017

After years of working with many different clients, one thing that I noticed is that many of them have duplicates of various possessions. That might be your situation as well. Perhaps we can spread the wealth with others or organizations that help others.

Let’s look at how we can spread the “wealth”.

Do you ever go into your linen closet and realize that you have too many sheets and towels? Do you trip over the extra TV in the basement? Or wonder why you have so many kitchen utensils? Well, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing-someone else could probably use and really need your useful stuff. That could be friends, family, neighbors or organizations. Just ask them.
Consider this question when trying to let go of stuff: does this particular item (linens, TV, utensils, etc.) reflect who I am today; does my family really need it; do I love it? If the answer is no, but it still holds some powerful memories, take a picture of it and then let it go. You’ll feel lighter when you are able to eliminate some stuff that is crowding your space. And if you donate this stuff you can feel good about letting go of stuff; recycling/repurposing and helping others. It’s a win-win-win situation.
If you do donate to a charitable organization, don’t forget to ask for your tax-deductible receipt. Not sure what the value is of a donated item? Find out here:( some standard valuations for clothing and household goods.
Want to make it easy at tax time to have a record of all your donations that you can import into your tax software? Check out Intuit’s free online donation tracker here:
Here are some suggestions for donating your “stuff”.
  • More Than Words, ( is a social enterprise that empowers youth who are in the foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business. They take books, CDs, DVDs and video games either by pick-up or drop-off boxes.
  • Salvation Army is the only organization in the Greater Boston area that picks up furniture. ( ). All proceeds go to support the Adult Rehabilitation Center program. They will pick up items and there are many drop off centers.
  • Goodwill Industries( has drop off centers almost everywhere and takes just about everything.
  • Amvets ( will pick up household goods and proceeds benefit American veterans.
  • Dress for Success( provides suits and office attire to disadvantaged women returning to or entering the workforce. Accepts business attire. Drop off at their Boston location.
  • Rosie’s Place, a Sanctuary for Poor and Homeless Women ( Drop off at their Boston location women’s clothing and unopened toiletries.
  • Soles 4 Souls ( is accepting gently worn shoes for donation.
  • Donate eyeglasses to New Eyes ( for your unwanted eyeglasses to people in need in developing nations.
  • Cradles to Crayons ( which provides poor and homeless children with supplies, toys and clothing.
  • Donate prom dresses to the Cinderella Project(
  • Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts( is an independent not-for-profit organization based in Acton, MA that provides household goods, free of charge, to people in need. They accept pots, pans, and kitchenware in general among other things.
  • Consider going through your kitchen cupboards and donate excess canned goods, etc to your local food pantry.
  • Donate computers and electronic equipment at participating Goodwill center. Goodwill and Dell have formed an electronics recycling partnership program( that recycles electronic equipment.
  • Donate your Apple products by clicking here(
  • Give away your stuff for free with a post on an app such Craigslist, NextDoor, Facebook Marketplace and FreeCycle.
BTW, please DO NOT send goods to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma victims. They need money to deal with the aftermath of those disasters not more stuff to manage.