Happy Summer Everyone! I want to let you know about my new services. Please read below if you or someone you know needs help with navigating their health challenge.


Organizationally Yours,

July 2018


Are you tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you annoyed with being overweight?

Are you frustrated with the lack of effective advice and treatments from your healthcare providers (including holistic ones)?

Are you trying to figure it out on your own but are you overwhelmed with all the health information out there?

Would you like some concrete, science-backed guidance to help you look and feel better?

If yes, great-now it’s time for a new approach to getting back your health.


Let me coach and guide you to finding the root cause of your lack of wellness, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional.

I will help you look “upstream” for the root cause of your chronic fatigue, pains, and stubborn weight gain.


And more importantly, I will help you connect the dots on how to come up with a plan to get better and enjoy vibrant health.


CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE COACHING SESSION (45 minute session) to see if we are a good fit. 617-513-5219  or 


I coach people to find the right health care practitioners, ask the right questions and request appropriate tests.


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