Every August, I ask my readers and blog visitors to ask themselves: What do you want your life to look like? Meaning, how do you envision your ideal life? This year, I’m going to share my own experience with this exercise.


But first I have to share some personal information about myself. Presently, I’m going through a health challenge. I have heavy metal toxicity, probably from decades-old amalgam fillings, which I have since removed. However, I guess I am super sensitive to even the removal of the amalgams. Meanwhile, I am doing many detoxing therapies to heal my body. The fallout is that I have had to give up most of my forms of exercise, like biking, running, and yoga and my very active lifestyle in general. I can’t tell you how frustrated this has made me. I long for my old lifestyle and I’m hopeful that I’ll regain this part of my life.


So the first part of this exercise, is to have gratitude for everything we have right now. I begin my morning with an “attitude of gratitude”–even for the mundane, ordinary stuff–before I even get out of bed. You never know when your routine, regular stuff in your life might be compromised. Be grateful for what you have.


Next, I want to envision all the things that I want to do again. I want to train myself into believing that this is part of my life.  So I created a Vision Board that looks at my recent past. I’m visualizing me exercising and being physically fit. So my Vision Board this August is full of old pictures of me exercising and being active. It also contains fun, happy images of me with friends and family.


I believe that this Vision Board exercise will help me with healing myself.

Would you like to make improvements or changes to your life?
In order for goals and dreams to come true, one needs to specifically envision the details. How can you get to the vision or goal if you can’t imagine what it looks ike?


Some people create vision boards with torn out pictures and collage words to portray their dreams and goals. Today, you can use the cool tool Pinterest to create these vision boards by “pinning” and “repinning” images and videos from the web or your computer/device onto your own “board”.


What would your vision board look like? Try to be specific in creating vision board so it reflects how it makes you feel when you look at it. Find fun and creative images to inspire you. Study your images on your boards; create some action steps to achieve your goals; and then they will eventually become part of your reality.


You can follow me on Pinterest to see my August vision board.